The Perfect Silk Press

Evelyn Brown

The most important part of the silk press is the overall health and moisture of your hair. Using quality products is super important. You first want to start by sectioning your hair into 4 sections. We cant stress enough how important it is to section out your hair when doing practically everything. If your hair is properly moisturized, and parted into sections the silk press will be easy!

1. Start with our Super Moisture Plus Biotin Shampoo and follow up with our Super Moisture Plus Biotin Conditioner  

2. Next divide your hair into 4 sections. Use our One Step Blow Dryer  to dry each section of your hair piece by piece. 

3. After blowdrying your hair, spray it with our Silk Press Shine. Flat iron each section of hair by using small subsections. It is important to flat iron your hair piece by piece to insure you get to the root of the scalp and follow through the shaft of the hair. 

At the end of the day, moisture is key. Good luck! 



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