Skin Care, Makeup and Hair!

Marcella Ellis

As a stylist, I am totally guilty of looking at women’s appearance no matter where I go. I really can't help but notice women that really stand out in a crowd and those who don't. I can be a bit anal when it comes to finishing a look. What I mean is, I have seen many women and when I say women I mean 30 and over, out at different functions and affairs with a look that is just not quite finished. Don't get me wrong there are some fierce sisters out and about amongst the DMV area and especially when I go back home to Dallas, but there are some who just don't get it. When I say a finished look I mean having the hair, face, clothes, and shoes tight. There can be no one without the other. Since the topic of this month is Makeup, Skin Care and Hair I will stick to that.

One night I went to a club and partied with my girlfriends, I would say the crowd was about late 20's and over. I noticed so many rough looking women that seemed aged and worn looking. My first comment to my girlfriend was these women have got to be washing their faces with bath soap because they have so many bags, sags, and dehydrated skin. I also noticed the abundance of cheap synthetic weave hair which also made me cringe. I wanted to run through the crowd and pass out my card for so many reasons it wasn't even funny. I hate to be judgmental because we are living in a rough economic time, so I will blame it on the economy. Nevertheless, some things you just can't let go because it will be hard to get it back, starting with SKINCARE. I am a big advocate of skincare especially because I grew up with problem skin. I have always had to invest in my skin due to acne, so I have tried almost everything. Realizing that good product is the fountain of youth, I teach my daughter now that she must keep up on her daily face regimen. When you look at celebrities like Halle Berry, Beyonce, Tina Turner, and so on, trust and believe they only use the best ingredients to keep their face smooth and glowing. That's not all just good genes. I have witnessed some amazing products on the market that are pricey but work miracles that you would never believe. Products that regenerate cells and make lines and wrinkles disappear.

As I look at my own personal growth in the Beauty Industry I have come to realize that good product is very important. Don't let your friends make you believe that cheap product works just as good, that's not true. Cheap product is cheap for a reason, it is lacking essential ingredients because essential ingredients cost more. I was once that way, especially when I could not afford anything else, but I learned to spend less in other places and invest in good skincare, so I would not destroy my skin. This philosophy is in everything we do, if you eat cheap fast foods you will pay for it in the end. Your doctor bills will be higher. To eat right it is more costly up front but less costly in the end. If you buy cheap clothes you will have to buy them over and over because they won't last so you will really spend more replacing them. And so on and so on..

Proper skincare is the basis for looking young and keeping that look. As for Makeup, it is so controversial in this conservative town until it just annoys me. Some of the most beautiful women in the world wear makeup but women around here act as if saying "I don’t wear makeup" is some sort of badge of honor. Most women that say that really should reconsider. Makeup is eyeliner, lipstick and eye shadow, I say this because the women I know say they don't wear make-up, yet they have on eyes and lips, "duh, that's makeup."

When a woman has her hair done and outfit on, it only make sense to complete the finished look by putting on a little lipstick or gloss, mascara, eyeliner and a little powder. Not finishing a look is like seeing a woman with a beautiful dress on and house shoes, just completely destroying the overall appearance. I say this with all due respect, as I tell my daughter, “take a little extra time to put yourself together” it makes all the difference. Proper skin care, a little make-up and hair, like Mamma Dee said, “in that order!”

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Skin Care, Makeup, and Hair!