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CLOSURES/ Lace vs Silk Closures

I received an email last week in regards to lace and silk closures. This is just a quick post that could possibly help others in their search for the right procedure. What is a closure? A closure is the top piece used to close the top of a full weave. This top piece sold at Beauty Supply Stores is most commonly made of mesh with wefts of tracks sewn round and round in a circular pattern to create a seamless effect. A skilled stylist can also create this same effect using weft hair, however, the most professional look is to simply purchase this top piece. There is also an invisible part closure sold in most Beauty Supply Stores that is new on the market....

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The EVILS of using GLUE for Quick Weaves, Lace Front Wigs and Closures!

Hello ALL, I want to start this year by blogging on the ever so controversial topic of using glue with weaves, wigs, and closures. I had a call just yesterday with a woman calling asking about using the taped weft procedure. I was puzzled by the name she called the procedure, here's why. So many Stylists have learned the art of Marketing and branding a particular procedure to separate themselves from their competitors, as a result, most procedures have numerous names. The taped weft technique is just a simple phrase I am using to describe the procedure, but you may know it as  InvisiTrack taped extensions, Skin wefts, Pretaped wefts, Invisible Seamless Weft, and who knows what else. I have used this method in the past, probably about...

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