Beard Cleanse and Beard Oil Combo

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Beard Cleanse-

If you’re using the same shampoo for your beard and for the top of your head, you’re doing it wrong. Facial hair is unique, and requires a specially formulated beard wash to keep it really healthy. Our beard shampoo, or beard wash, will not only clean your beard and rid it of bacteria, but it will also hydrate and soften your facial hair, leaving it lustrous and smooth. Nothing gets your beard looking better than a good beard wash.

Our natural, made-in-the-USA beard shampoo has antibacterial properties to clean your beard. It also includes oils, vitamins, and minerals that help prevent skin irritation, add volume, and increase sheen. Simply put a small amount of the beard wash on the palm of your hand and work gently into your wet beard. Massage into your facial hair until it is nice and lathered. Rinse thoroughly with fresh, clean water, and then towel dry. After just a few uses, you’ll notice your beard looking more sleek, healthy, and full.

Beard Oil- 

Jojoba, grape seed, soybean, rosemary, eucalyptus…every oil we included has properties which make it perfect for moisturizing your beard, growing it thicker and fuller, letting it shine, and keeping your skin healthy.