Super Moisture Collection

  • $90.75

Biotin Shampoo - Give limp, lifeless locks a boost with Biotin shampoo. This invigorating formula washes away follicle weakening impurities such as DHT while replenishing your scalp with hair-nourishing plant essences to strengthen your hair.

Biotin Conditioner-  Nourishing biotin conditioner has natural ingredients that hydrate your hair. This sulfate-free conditioner provides nourishment for your scalp and hair while promoting growth. 

Leave-in ConditionerVolumizing conditioner for thinning hair biotin B5 vitamin and botanical oils provide deep hydration, reverse hair loss, and stimulate hair follicles for hair growth leaving you with long thick hair. 

Biotin Hair Mask- Coconut Oil Deep Repair / Repair and regrow damaged hair with Argan oil, biotin oil, Vitamin E. Restores dry damaged hair. Improves hair texture and shine. Transform your hair in only 10 minutes

Biotin Growth Oil DropsDesigned to stimulate growth, protect and nourish dry, itchy, and sensitive scalps. This biotin growth drop has natural ingredients that moisturize and stimulate growth. 

Biotin Regrowth Serum- The Biotin Regrowth Serum was created to restore weak edges, strengthen weak hair follicles, soften the hair, leaving the strands silky and smooth.