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Marcella Ellis

I thought I would dedicate the next few posts on different hair textures and hair types that are on the market today. I know that buying hair is an investment so I want to shed some light on the good, the bad and the ugly.  I will list my favorite human hair, by brand, textures, and types.

Just so that we are on the same page, the brand is the company that produces or sells the product. The texture is the ethnicity (based on the origin of the hair). The type will be the pattern or formation of the hair. (example: wavy, curly, straight)

This post I will only talk about the best and worse Types of hair that have a WAVY pattern. Wavy hair is identified by the S pattern. If the human hair has an S pattern it is considered wavy if it has a spiral pattern then it is considered curly, which I will talk about next month. Wavy hair is an excellent choice if you choose to wear your hair in thermal curls because it will hold curls longer than buying straight hair. Wavy hair can also be flat Ironed straight if you choose to switch it up. Wavy hair will give you more body and bounce when wearing your hair in thermal curls. If you are having a sewn-in weave it is best to purchase 2- 3 packs of hair for a normal-looking weave. If you love your weave thick and extremely full purchase 3-4 or more. Machine wefts are the most commonly used wefts. This simply means that the hair is sewn together using a sewing machine the weft is slightly thicker and sturdier than a handmade weft. Choosing a weft is all about personal preference but the most commonly used weft is made by machine.

So here is the list for best Wavy Hair..

1. Brazilian Wavy Hair- I love this hair because it is soft, it does not tangle, and it is not processed. This hair is best for women that want a long flowy celebrity look. If you are leaving some of your own natural hair out you must choose this hair wisely. This hair has a soft, silky feel, but it has a dry matte finish so it will blend somewhat with those who have a relaxer in their hair. I suggest leaving a very small portion of your hair out if possible. If your hair is completely natural, I suggest doing a full sewn in weave and leave none of your hair exposed. This hair has a heavier density than Indian Hair and has a somewhat thicker texture that resembles relaxed African American hair.

2. Body Wave- I love this texture because it has a little texture to it. The wave pattern is soft and it forms a big S pattern. The Origin of the hair is Malaysian which gives a bit of a shine. Nevertheless, Marcella Ellis has managed to create a perfect blend of natural-looking hair from their Salon Relaxed collection and blended a soft wave to produce this gentle wave relaxed. This soft bouncy hair will give you a natural look and feel and will easily color for those who love lighter hair. This hair will not tangle, mat or shed and will last up to 24 months. 

3. Extensions Plus- ZigZag Natural Wavy- is also on my list of Must-Haves. This natural Indian Remy is of superior quality. I have many clients that rave about Extensions Plus, their hair will last at least a year and sometimes longer just as the other hair companies mentioned on this list. Indian Hair has a dull matt finish that will blend in with African American hair. The weight of the hair is very light in density. If you are accustomed to having thick hair with heavy density you should purchase 3 packs of hair instead of 2 to complete a full weave.

4. Perfect Wavy Virgin Indian Hair- I love Perfect Locks and not just because they sell my Soy Shampoo and Conditioner, but because they have absolutely good hair. I am so pleased to send my clients to them because their hair is Grade A, their customer service is superb and the hair lasts for more than a year if properly taken care of. This hair is just what it says Virgin Indian Hair, you can color it if you choose but the hair comes in darker tones as all of the hair listed above. 

 On the Worst List:

Most mass distributed hair found in your local Beauty Supply store is not of good quality. The hair has been processed to give you a consistent wave pattern that is so perfect that it looks fake. If you are purchasing BSS hair understand that it will not last you as long as Virgin hair that is not processed. Don't get me wrong I buy all types of hair because I change my look quite frequently, so there is nothing wrong with buying BSS hair. You should just remove it when it starts to look raggedy, tangle and mat. Here are some of the worse wavy hair that I have ever tried that gave me the blues while wearing it as well as some of my clients. 

1. Bohyme -Everything!! I know I am going to get some hate mail about this, nevertheless, I do not like Boyme Body Wave, or any of it for that matter. It is too stiff, like horsehair or hair that has been totally over-processed. It is not versatile at all, meaning you can not wear it flat ironed. Even if you wear it wavy it is just still plain old garbage hair. In my opinion!

2. Lugos- Wet and wavy, Soft wavy and all of the above. I do not like Lugos hair either, it is over-processed and does not imitate human hair. Sheds a lot as well.

3. Adorable- I do not like Adorable hair either just like the 2 above.. Hard Horsehair that is completely over-processed.

4. If you are purchasing over the counter wavy hair like

Bobbi Boss Indie Remi

Sensational Goddess

Outre Velvet

make sure you purchase the top of the line Remy hair. This hair is okay, but not as good as the list above and expect it to only last for about 1 month if it lasts more than a month then you are doing good. Most of this hair will shed, tangle after 1 or 2 shampoos.

These are just my thoughts and stay tuned for my next review of Best and Worst Hair to BUY!!


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