The EVILS of using GLUE for Quick Weaves, Lace Front Wigs and Closures!

Marcella Ellis

Hello ALL,

I want to start this year by blogging on the ever so controversial topic of using glue with weaves, wigs, and closures. I had a call just yesterday with a woman calling asking about using the taped weft procedure. I was puzzled by the name she called the procedure, here's why. So many Stylists have learned the art of Marketing and branding a particular procedure to separate themselves from their competitors, as a result, most procedures have numerous names. The taped weft technique is just a simple phrase I am using to describe the procedure, but you may know it as  InvisiTrack taped extensions, Skin wefts, Pretaped wefts, Invisible Seamless Weft, and who knows what else. I have used this method in the past, probably about 7 years ago when it first hit the scene, and I must say it really lays flat. If you are looking for flat tracks that lay flush to the scalp then maybe this is for you. BEWARE this method is also another glue technique. The tape that is attached to the weft is actually glued. Glue and Hair just don't mix. Yes, you may get away with it once, maybe twice but rest assured every time you lay on the hair, maneuver the hair and remove the wefts you are loosing and breaking strands of your own hair. There is an alternate way of sewing the tracks to give you the same flat and smooth look without using glue. Ask your stylist about the Malaysian Method or what we call the Flat Method. Same flat smooth weave that is versatile and you don't have to destroy our hair using glue. 

The big NO, NO.... Taped wefts


Lace wigs and closures can also give you a flawless look however using glue to attach is always a deadly ordeal for the safety of your own hair. Yes, celebrities wear lace wigs, but most of them wear them in a manner that protects their hair and edges and only wear them for stage performances. They also have round the clock stylists who ensure that they temporarily place them and remove them the same day, thus preventing major damage. Now, it is possible to wear lace wigs and closures without glue. If you have a skilled stylist she can give you the same flawless look without using glue and harming your hair. Ask her about glueless lace wigs and using the elastic band to attach the lace closure. 

Hmmm... She obviously didn't get the memo, classic case of wearing too many lace wigs with glue. I see this pattern all the time in the salon from those who choose to wear glued lace wigs.


Last but not least the QUICK WEAVE wearers. I know you! Need I elaborate. You do not have to glue your tracks to your head and pull your hair out anymore. Try Morning Glory Protect Solution to protect your hair from the glue when doing your quick weaves or try putting a plastic cap underneath the stocking cap. If you put a plastic cap underneath the stocking cap before gluing, it becomes a wig that you can take on and off. It may not be what you want but it is much safer! I just want you to have some hair at the end of the day. Healthy hair is a choice! 



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